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This course is a great starting point for kids with +10 years of age who are interested in art and design. This course brings new insight to design and architecture for kids by teaching them the basic techniques and tools of the Thinkercad platform. By taking the beginner self 3d designing course, children will be able to work with the Thinkercad’s tools, create simple objects, control the camera, resize the objects, and learn many other techniques to design in this platform.

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11 Lessons

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2 Months


+10 Years Old




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Beginner 3D Modeling Lessons (1 – 11)

3D Modeling Lesson 1:
• Understand how to create new designs with the dashboard
• Understand how to copy existing designs from the gallery into a project
• Know how to control and operate the camera
• Know how to select and scale objects
• Know how to copy and paste objects
3D Modeling Lesson 2:
Manipulate and scale shapes
• Understand how to resize and scale shapes along different axes
• Understand how 3d models should be built structurally
• Understand about the workflow in 3d modelling
• Understand how to color objects in Tinkercad
3D Modeling Lesson 3:
Assembling Basic objects
• Able to create simple objects that can be found in the household
• Know how to use the text tool in Tinkercad to have printed text on objects
• Know how to make design accurate through image references
3D Modeling Lesson 4:
Create complex shapes with the hole tool
• Know how to work with a wider range of shapes to build a model
• Able to utilize the hole tool to hollow out shapes
• Able to create realistic designs with no shapes overlapping one another
3D Modeling Lesson 5:
Building a large object
• Understand the use of duplication and grouping tools to build a large object
• Able to identify which parts of a design can be duplicated for efficiency
• Able to create a design with a realistic scale and proportions
3D Modeling Lesson 6:
Working with accurate measurements
• Able to identify how design of an object can help solve problems
• Able to develop visual literacy and a vocabulary to express ideas
• Know how to calculate dimensions of different shapes to achieve specific volumes
3D Modeling Lesson 7:
Circular patterns and formations
• Able to create both linear and circular patterns
• Able to measure angles to accurately place objects
• Able to align shapes to create more accurate designs
3D Modeling Lesson 8:
Curved objects with the scribble tool
• Able to draw free hand objects to form abstract shapes
• Able to create a fire pattern using abstract shapes
• Understand how color affects the atmospheric perspective in the design
3D Modeling Lesson 9:
Fast assembly of multiple objects
• Know the techniques to faster assemble different shapes
• Able to identify the different components required to create a specific shape
• Able to work with multiple grouped objects during assembly
3D Modeling Lesson 10:
Breaking down a model
• Able to identify the different components of a design
• Able to identify which components should be grouped together
• Able to assemble components into a final model using the align tool
3D Modeling Lesson 11:
Combining complex shapes with detail
• Know how to add intricate details to an existing model
• Know color according to a set color palate
• Understand which colors are complementary to one another
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Thank You :)

Rated 5 out of 5

I bought your full Tinkercad course for my daughter after she finished her Roblox course. She liked game design very much and I thought it would be a good idea if she could try building her unique characters. I can’t say enough about it’s ease of use. The platform is very colorful and kid-friendly and the lessons are easy to follow. The tools are clearly visible; kids don’t need to search for them or go through any kind of confusing list. They can change pre-existing models and come up with their own, mix and match shapes and build almost anything they imagine. There isn’t even a single negative point about this platform or this course. Thank you.

Alia Quek

I highly recommend Tinkercad for kids

Rated 5 out of 5

I highly recommend Tinkercad for kids who are into LEGO. My son has just finished this course and has started to design a mansion. It’s very easy and engaging. The best thing about Tinkercad is that you can print the things your kids build with 3D printers. This is what I’m going to do to my son’s mansion.


I knew that TINKERCAD is Amazing!!!

Rated 5 out of 5

I knew that TINKERCAD is Amazing!!! I had read about the things it does (for example making 3D printed objects, videogame/animation characters, and architectural structures happen). So I decided to buy a course for my children and found this course here. I have to say that I’m pretty satisfied. Never were my sons wondering what was going on during the course and were glued to the screen when they were building something. Highly recommend it.

Adil Azeez

Thank You for this course

Rated 5 out of 5

If your kid wants to do something other than coding try this one. The more they work with these kinds of apps and software the more comfortable they become with professional apps in the future.