Beginner Minecraft Coding Course

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Our Basic Coding with Minecraft Course teaches kids how to use scripts for different purposes: control a drone, build & overcome obstacles, pass through a tunnel passage, write a cyclic algorithm, and much more. These Minecraft coding lessons are taught through exciting missions like building bridges, alphabet letters, stairs, or just quite the opposite! Ruining a village. This is where kids learn the notion of debugging.

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11 Lessons

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2 Months


7-12 Years Old




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Beginner Minecraft Coding Lessons (1 – 11)

Minecraft Coding Lesson 1:
Minecraft Mods
• Construct simple programming to control the drone
• Test the program
• Learn to use Minecraft
Minecraft Coding Lesson 2:
Dancing drone
• Control movement of Drone with more complicated scripts
• Construct scripts for an expected specific movement of Turtle
Minecraft Coding Lesson 3:
Obstacle Course
• Create block installation scripts
• Construct scripts to build obstacles
• Construct scripts to overcome obstacles
Minecraft Coding Lesson 4:
Underground tunnels
• Construct a block destruction commands
• Learn to construct tunnels in Minecraft
• Create scripts to pass through a tunnel passage
Minecraft Coding Lesson 5:
Building a bridge
• Construct a bridge in Minecraft
• Build programming scripts to build bridges
Minecraft Coding Lesson 6:
• Construct a program using a linear algorithm
• A step by step Project creation
• Understand the use of slot switch command
• Build a hedge with an animal inside
Minecraft Coding Lesson 7:
Write letters
• How to plan for a complex construction
• Build alphabet letters in Minecraft
Minecraft Coding Lesson 8:
Stairs with lava
• How to write a cyclic algorithm
• Construct stairs in Minecraft
• Practicing the switch slots commands
Minecraft Coding Lesson 9:
Exploding a village
• Applying a consistent use of cycles
• Debugging project
• How to explode a village from underground in Minecraft
Minecraft Coding Lesson 10:
Variables and spirals
• Know how to use variables in Minecraft programming
• Write a program with inserted cycles
• Program a spiral movement for Turtle
Minecraft Coding Lesson 11:
• Know how to create attack scripts for Turtle
• Program Turtle to attack from all directions with the use of inserted cycles and variables
• Scanning an area and attacking any things near it
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I’m pleased with how things are going on

Rated 5 out of 5

We bought your ScratchJr course for our younger one and decided to purchase a Minecraft homework guided course for our eldest. So far I’m pleased with how things are going on. My younger kid also wants to finish Scratch Jr and learn Minecraft soon. Can he do this or I need to buy him a Scratch 3.0 course first?

Ferdie Put.

Great course

Rated 5 out of 5

Minecraft Education edition is different from playing unstructured. I believe it’s a better choice for our children.

Faizal Rm.

Thanks for providing children this opportunity.

Rated 5 out of 5

We registered our son in your Minecraft camp. Thanks for providing children this opportunity.

Lee Xi

Minecraft is educational

Rated 5 out of 5

Minecraft is educational. My children are learning scientific facts and gaining so much information about geography, history, and simple construction. My daughter enjoyed programming turtles for trench digging very much.