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Our Basic Python Coding Course for kids begins with the most famous computer program, “Hello, world!” and then continues with arithmetic concepts, introduction to Turtle Module, and geometric figures. During the first eleven Python programming lessons which form the Basic Course, children learn how to draw simple objects like spirals, flowers, and cars, with the help of the Turtle Module and ultimately gain knowledge about some of the important programming concepts: loops, numeric and string variables, and functions. This course is a good kickstart for those kids who have previous knowledge of programming with Scratch and want to Explore more.

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11 Lessons

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9-14 Years Old




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Beginner Python Coding Lessons (1 – 11)

Python Coding Lesson 1:
Hello Python
• Know how to print command
• Know how to do random numbers
• Understand about loop
Python Coding Lesson 2:
• Introduction to data types
• Understand how to do type conversion
• Know about numeric and string variables
Python Coding Lesson 3:
Introduction to turtle
• Introduction to the turtle module
• Know how to move, rotate and reshape turtle
Python Coding Lesson 4:
Geometric figures
• Understand about coordinates
• Able to apply a Go To function
Python Coding Lesson 5:
Army of turtles
• Know how to do stamping on the scene
• Able to apply stamp function
Python Coding Lesson 6:
• Know how to draw a circle
• Able to apply circle function
• Understand about color palette
Python Coding Lesson 7:
• Understand what is filling
• Able to apply begin_fill and end_fill functions
Python Coding Lesson 8:
• Know how to draw using loop
• Know how to draw using variables
Python Coding Lesson 9:
• Know how to define a function
• Able to write a function that draws specific shape
Python Coding Lesson 10:
• Know how to write text on stage using functions
• Able to apply Pos Command
• Know how to draw a coordinate plane
Python Coding Lesson 11:
Evening Sky
• Know how to change color using loops
• Filling scene with colorful lines
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Our Customer and Client Reviews:

This python coding course is definitely great!

Rated 5 out of 5

I think kids should be privileged with lots of educational programs to find their interests. Python is definitely one of them.

Hafinaz B.

It was a valuable course for my kids :)

Rated 5 out of 5

Kids who learn Python can use it later in their everyday lives. Sometimes we need to build apps like a simple schedule, timer, or a kind of organizer and we don’t want to rely on several Google apps or non free apps from the app store or Google Play. My point is, kids learn to be a producer not a consumer and I think it’s a valuable lesson.

Amelia Sh.

my daughter is really enjoying python course

Rated 5 out of 5

Thank you for your thorough answers and changing of our plan. We first bought the basic python course because of the lower price only to find out that my daughter is really enjoying what she’s doing on her coding sessions with Feeby. So we upgraded it and you’ve been very accommodating.


Python is the beginning of our kids’ journey

Rated 5 out of 5

Python is the beginning of our kids’ journey to become a professional programmer. This course may be a drop in the glass but it’s valuable first drop and sufficient for igniting passion.

N. Kadirova