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In this Roblox Coding Course kids learn the basics of Lua programming language: scripts, loops, and functions through interesting object modelling. They start off by creating a tree and a forest later and end with building an entire city with light sources, buildings, landscape, and all.

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11 Lessons

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2 Months


9-14 Years Old




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Beginner Roblox Coding Lessons (1 – 11)

Roblox Coding Lesson 1:
• Introduction to Obby Platform
• Know how to create a new project
• Know how to create an object
• Know how to create a script
Roblox Coding Lesson 2:
Object Creation
• Know how to create a Spawn Location
• Know how to do camera control
• Able to do object creation
• Understand how to use Brick Color
Roblox Coding Lesson 3:
Colors and material
• Learn to create a platform
• Know how to duplicate blocks
• Understand about RGD color model
• Understand how to use materials
Roblox Coding Lesson 4:
• Know how to create a checkpoint
• Know how to do a collision
• Able to publish a game
Roblox Coding Lesson 5:
• Learn about Toolbox
• Know how to create a tree
• Understand about grouping
• Able to create a forest
Roblox Coding Lesson 6:
• Know how to create foundation, walls, columns, and roof
• Understand about light sources
• Able to do fire effect
Roblox Coding Lesson 7:
• Know how to do terrain editor
• Understand about map setting
• Know how to add geyser
• Know how to add effects
Roblox Coding Lesson 8:
• A quick quiz to test Roblox knowledge
• Learn how to do city planning
• Know how to do props creation
Roblox Coding Lesson 9:
• Learn to create a script in Roblox
• Know how to edit the script
• Able to create variables
• Learn about multiple assignments
Roblox Coding Lesson 10:
• Know how to write comments
• Know how to change colors through loops
• Understand local variables
• Able to create loop structures
Roblox Coding Lesson 11:
• Know how to create function
• Know how to call a function
• Create a function to destroy fire
• Create an instance
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Our Customer and Client Reviews:

Roblox is fun and engaging!

Rated 5 out of 5
2021 provided a wonderful educational experience for my daughter. Roblox is fun and engaging. This was the first time my daughter learned about the RGB color model and how these three lights form different colors. I think she’s more into designing rather than building games so we want to sign up for your Python course soon.

Anis Azllin

My son wants to Thank you Jeremy!

Rated 5 out of 5

Thank you for teaching me the basics of scripting Jeremy!

Sophie Walld

So far its great

Rated 4 out of 5

I just did buy this course for my son. So far its great. I’ll leave another review later once we are at the finish line.

Gabrielle Van.

Fun, engaging, and educational

Rated 5 out of 5

It’s been a year since we purchased your Scratch course for our daughter. Since then we bought your Minecraft and Roblox course too. All of them were fun, engaging, and educational. She loved Roblox the best and is working hard to become proficient in it.

Lisa G.