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The Full Python Coding Course for Kids is divided into four levels: Basic, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced. Through the first eleven lessons (Basic) kids learn fundamental programming concepts like loops and variables. However, the fun journey begins from lesson 12 and on when children learn more complicated things. They learn how to make their own calculator, timer, lists, Emojis, screen, cartoon, and a lot more. At the end of the complete course, kids get familiar with formatted text and everything they need to design their own ASCII Art sheets. An excellent choice for designers-to-be with a touch of geekiness!

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35 Lessons

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4 Months


9-14 Years Old




Yes – You can also add homework checking by a professional tutor to this package (Optional)


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Yes – A PDF certificate of completion will be awarded for Python Coding Course



Beginner Python Coding Lessons (1 – 11)

Python Coding Lesson 1:
Hello Python
• Know how to print command
• Know how to do random numbers
• Understand about loop
Python Coding Lesson 2:
• Introduction to data types
• Understand how to do type conversion
• Know about numeric and string variables
Python Coding Lesson 3:
Introduction to turtle
• Introduction to the turtle module
• Know how to move, rotate and reshape turtle
Python Coding Lesson 4:
Geometric figures
• Understand about coordinates
• Able to apply a Go To function
Python Coding Lesson 5:
Army of turtles
• Know how to do stamping on the scene
• Able to apply stamp function
Python Coding Lesson 6:
• Know how to draw a circle
• Able to apply circle function
• Understand about color palette
Python Coding Lesson 7:
• Understand what is filling
• Able to apply begin_fill and end_fill functions
Python Coding Lesson 8:
• Know how to draw using loop
• Know how to draw using variables
Python Coding Lesson 9:
• Know how to define a function
• Able to write a function that draws specific shape
Python Coding Lesson 10:
• Know how to write text on stage using functions
• Able to apply Pos Command
• Know how to draw a coordinate plane
Python Coding Lesson 11:
Evening Sky
• Know how to change color using loops
• Filling scene with colorful lines


Elementary Python Coding Lessons (12 – 19)

Python Coding Lesson 12:
• Know about real numbers
• Able to do arithmetic operations
• Understand about data input and output
• Build a simple program to calculate
Python Coding Lesson 13:
Telecommunication operator
• Understand about strings
• Understand what is slices
• Know how to do slices in strings
Python Coding Lesson 14:
Full name
• Understand different methods of working with strings
• Able to apply the methods to work with strings data type
Python Coding Lesson 15:
Frame with full name
• Understand about line break character
• Know about split method
• Know how to multiply string by number
• Able to print a name in a frame
Python Coding Lesson 16:
• Know about tab character
• Able to draw tables filled with data
Python Coding Lesson 17:
Waste Paper Report
• Know about string formatting tools
• Know about conversion flags
Python Coding Lesson 18:
Car’s Information
• Know about tuples
• Know how to do slices and methods with tuples
Python Junior Lesson 19:
Maximum and Minimum
• Learn about lists
• Know how to do slices and methods with lists


Intermediate Python Coding Lessons (20 – 27)

Python Coding Lesson 20:
• Know how to draw an ASCII Art
• Able to apply loops and lists
Python Coding Lesson 21:
• Able to apply the usage of lists, random numbers and type conversion to build a program
• Learn about names and occupation
Python Coding Lesson 22:
Postal numbers
• Know how to build figures using lists of coordinates
• Make use of lists, loops and go to function
Python Coding Lesson 23:
• Understand about ASCII codes in programming
• Applying loops, slices and Ord function
• Able to do append method
Python Coding Lesson 24:
• Understand about coordinates in one list
• Applying loop through the list through 2 elements
• Able to do repeating loops
Python Coding Lesson 25:
ASCII Art Constructor
• Know how to draw ASCII Art
• Able to apply join method
• Know how to do repeat append method
Python Coding Lesson 26:
Interactive Polygons
• Know how to filling in lists from the keyboard and building polygons
• Able to apply append method, loops and lists
Python Coding Lesson 27:
Functions for drawing
• Know how to create your own functions
• Applying pos and goto methods
• Introduction a new world in Minecraft
• Building bridges and tunnel between and across mountains in Minecraft


Advanced Python Coding Lessons (28 – 35)

Python Coding Lesson 28:
Pattern for two turtles
• Know how to create a screen
• Able to draw using 2 turtles
Python Coding Lesson 29:
“Planet and rocket” cartoon
• Learn about planet and rocket
• Know how to works with objects
• Know how to upload sprites images
Python Coding Lesson 30:
Interactive Tangle
• Know how to filling in lists from keyboard
• Applying append method
• Learn about names and occupations
Python Coding Lesson 31:
File’s name extraction
• Understand about advances usage of split and rfind methods
• Know how to extract file’s name
Python Coding Lesson 32:
“Aquarium” cartoon
• Create an aquarium project with python
• Know how to work with objects
• Know how to upload sprites’ images
Python Coding Lesson 33:
• Understand about dictionaries data type
Python Coding Lesson 34:
Picture with Unicode Symbols
• Learn about Pseudo-graphics
• Know about Unicode
• Know how to draw using Unicode characters
• Know how to use a dictionary
Python Coding Lesson 35:
Lists Generator
• Know about lists generators
• Know how to do enumerate method
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Our Customer and Client Reviews:

My daughter seems to enjoy!

Rated 4 out of 5

My review might be weird and not totally about the Python course but I think it’s worth mentioning. My daughter was always kinda dragged into repetitive patterns and those animations in which the character goes into a tunnel or flies over some place and you see the whole view through the character’s eyes. She had some experience with Scratch and Minecraft and always liked what she would make with them but with Python it’s a whole other story. It’s more abstract and professional. She seems to enjoy herself and feels very proud when she does use Python.


Very straightforward way to understand the concept of programming. Great!

Rated 5 out of 5
2020 Python course uses turtle module which is for drawing shapes and creating pictures. IMO it’s not only for children but also for people who are scared to take the first step into programming… Very straightforward way to understand the concept of programming in Python.


After this course my kid feels like a genius!

Rated 5 out of 5

I feel my kid has made progress and developed a strong passion for programming. Before Python he would think that he was playing but after this course he feels like a genius!

Jehaan Naillah

My kids learn the key concepts of programming by this Python course :)

Rated 5 out of 5

Python for kids lessons are mostly around designing and simple apps but they learn the key concepts of programming.

Hajah Noor H.