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The full Scratch 3.0 Coding Course is the best way for kids to gain knowledge about 19 different countries. The course begins with simple instructions that teach kids to move the character they choose. As children finish the lessons, they learn forever loop, uses of different commands, X and Y axes, changing background and broadcasting messages, programming a real-time clock and buttons for special functions, all through fun and easy to follow short lessons.

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35 Lessons

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4 Months


7-12 Years Old




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Yes – A PDF certificate of completion will be awarded for Scratch 3.0 Coding Course



Beginner Scratch 3.0 Lessons (1 – 11)

Scratch Lesson 0:
• Introduction to scratch website
• Know how to register to Scratch website
• Know how to download Scratch 3.0
• Know how to work with scratch
Scratch Lesson 1:
• Introduction to the USA
• Learn to program cat to move forward
• Learn to add sounds in the project
Scratch Lesson 2:
• Introduction to Malaysia
• Painting and Changing costume command
• Forever loop
• Uses of wait command
• Bounce command
Scratch Lesson 3:
•  Introduction to China
• Point in direction command
• Random command
• Touching command
Scratch Lesson 4:
• Introduction to Brazil
• Play sound in Scratch
• Change costume commands
• Change color effect
• Wait command
Scratch Lesson 5:
• Introduction to Australia
• When this sprite is clicked
• Go to the random position command
• Hide and show command
• Variable for point
Scratch Lesson 6:
• Introduction to Madagascar
• Pen down commands
• Erase all commands
• Set pen size commands
• Change Y command
• Repeat loop commands
Scratch Lesson 7:
• Introduction to France
• Create Clone
• Wait command
• Use Layers
Scratch Lesson 8:
• Introduction to Spain
• Animating character movements
• Rotation degree
• Glide commands
Scratch Lesson 9:
• Introduction to Japan
• Drawing patterns using 3 sprites
• Importance of X and Y position
Scratch Lesson 10:
• Introduction to Nigeria
• Program a short animation
• Say and Broadcast commands
• Managing timing
Scratch Lesson 11:
Great Britain
• Introduction to Great Britain
• Implementing sensing touch command to control characters and game’s rule


Elementary Scratch 3.0 Lessons (12 – 19)

Scratch Lesson 12:
• Introduction to India
• Program a drawing of Mandala in Scratch
• Using effect and stamp commands
• Planning of algorithm to get the right design
Scratch Lesson 13:
• Introduction to Egypt
• Program an animation story with Voice commands
• Changing background and broadcasting messages
Scratch Lesson 14:
• Introduction to Mexico
• Join and Round command blocks
• Clone functions
• Program a game with timer use
Scratch Lesson 15:
Czech Republic
• Introduction to the Czech Republic
• Program a real-time clock
• Applying logic and math calculation in programming
Scratch Lesson 16:
• Introduction to Nepal
• Creating postcards through Scratch
• Exporting and uploading sprites from different programs
• Switching costumes while drawing
Scratch Lesson 17:
• Introduction to Russia
• Program a simple Rocketship game
• Introduction to the use of Backpack in scratch
Scratch Lesson 18:
• Introduction to Peru
• Build a quest game
• Planning a complicated story/game structure
• Programming a conditional situation
Scratch Lesson 19:
• Introduction to Italy
• Build a drawing program
• Program buttons that have specific functions
• Variables as setting


Intermediate Scratch 3.0 Lessons (20 – 27)

Scratch Lesson 20:
• Making a breakout game
• Learn how to use the mouse x function
• Eliminating bugs by fixing a script
• Learn to control movement of grouped objects
• Learn to start game after a message broadcasted
Scratch Lesson 21:
• Learn to use costume editor to draw your own sprite
• Learn about the layering order of sprites
• Know how to program effects to create aurora sky
• Know how to program a proper movement animation
Scratch Lesson 22:
South Africa
• Learn about stamp function
• Able to work with variable to control the position of sprites
• Know how to control costume changes
• Able to build code that will control the limit of sprite movement or placement
• Able to create a 2D world in scratch
Scratch Lesson 23:
• Introduction to UAE
• Drawing background
• Switching costume command
• Setting size command
• Stamp command
• Change of X- Y position in a loop
Scratch Lesson 24:
• Introduction to Germany
• Programming clones
• Complicated game design
• The uses of different costumes in a sprite
• The use of letter block under operator category
Scratch Lesson 25:
• Introduction to Vietnam
• Complicated game script
• Controlling character movement using keyboard
• Learn about point in direction block
• Programming disappearance of clones according to the variation of length
Scratch Lesson 26:
• Introduction to Argentina
• Learn to create a symmetrical drawing
• Learn to create a new function block
Scratch Lesson 27:
• Introduction to Canada
• Applying stamping and changes of costume
• Applying a sensing touch command block based on color
• Learn to make a cloud variable and store variables in the cloud
• Learn to control the change in local and cloud Variables


Advanced Scratch 3.0 Lessons (28 – 35)

Scratch Lesson 28:
• Introduction to Sweden
• Learn to create a craft game
• Learn about 3D
Scratch Lesson 29:
• Introduction to Ethiopia
• Learn about lists and how to call the item stores in them
• Learn how to run a defined function
Scratch Lesson 30:
• Introduction to Slovenia
• Program a maze game
• Program touch sensors
• Learn to program a Conditional appearance
Scratch Lesson 31:
• Introduction to Philippines
• Learn about the comparison of costumes used among sprites
• Learn about a repetition of dropping down movement
• Make use of glide motion
• Learn to control the reduction of speed of sprites
Scratch Lesson 32:
• Introduction to Haiti
• Make an exploration project using mouse control
• Learn how to use scripts from other projects
• Learn to make animated effects for in-game characters
Scratch Lesson 33:
New Zealand
• Introduction to New Zealand
• Learn about Gravity
• Learn to make levels game
• Learn to program a change of level in-game and resetting position
Scratch Lesson 34:
• Introduction to Congo
• Learn about lists
• Applying variable
Scratch Lesson 35:
• Introduction to Indonesia
• Learn about coordinates
• Programming different costumes
• Make an exploration game
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Our Customer and Client Reviews:

Easy to use by kids

Rated 5 out of 5

Scratch is so easy to use and has infinite uses educational or non educational. Yet, I think younger kids need some help at the beginning.


Consider this course as an introduction to programming!

Rated 4 out of 5

Consider this course as an introduction to programming!


My son created a great project with Scratch 3.0

Rated 5 out of 5

Very proud of my son’s projects that he is making after he finished scratch course with you.

Melinda Loh

my kid too engaged with this course

Rated 5 out of 5

Scratch can keep kids busy for hours & hours! I had to limit my son screen time when he got too engaged with the self learning lessons. He is only 7 but picked it up really quick.

Steven Gan