Beginner Minecraft Coding Course

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Our Basic Coding with Minecraft Course teaches kids how to use scripts for different purposes: control a drone, build & overcome obstacles, pass through a tunnel passage, write a cyclic algorithm, and much more. These Minecraft coding lessons are taught through exciting missions like building bridges, alphabet letters, stairs, or just quite the opposite! Ruining a village. This is where kids learn the notion of debugging.

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11 Lessons

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2 Months


7-12 Years Old




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Beginner Minecraft Coding Lessons (1 – 11)

Minecraft Coding Lesson 1:
Minecraft Mods
• Construct simple programming to control the drone
• Test the program
• Learn to use Minecraft
Minecraft Coding Lesson 2:
Dancing drone
• Control movement of Drone with more complicated scripts
• Construct scripts for an expected specific movement of Turtle
Minecraft Coding Lesson 3:
Obstacle Course
• Create block installation scripts
• Construct scripts to build obstacles
• Construct scripts to overcome obstacles
Minecraft Coding Lesson 4:
Underground tunnels
• Construct a block destruction commands
• Learn to construct tunnels in Minecraft
• Create scripts to pass through a tunnel passage
Minecraft Coding Lesson 5:
Building a bridge
• Construct a bridge in Minecraft
• Build programming scripts to build bridges
Minecraft Coding Lesson 6:
• Construct a program using a linear algorithm
• A step by step Project creation
• Understand the use of slot switch command
• Build a hedge with an animal inside
Minecraft Coding Lesson 7:
Write letters
• How to plan for a complex construction
• Build alphabet letters in Minecraft
Minecraft Coding Lesson 8:
Stairs with lava
• How to write a cyclic algorithm
• Construct stairs in Minecraft
• Practicing the switch slots commands
Minecraft Coding Lesson 9:
Exploding a village
• Applying a consistent use of cycles
• Debugging project
• How to explode a village from underground in Minecraft
Minecraft Coding Lesson 10:
Variables and spirals
• Know how to use variables in Minecraft programming
• Write a program with inserted cycles
• Program a spiral movement for Turtle
Minecraft Coding Lesson 11:
• Know how to create attack scripts for Turtle
• Program Turtle to attack from all directions with the use of inserted cycles and variables
• Scanning an area and attacking any things near it
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Our Customer and Client Reviews:

My son start programming with Minecraft

Rated 5 out of 5

Minecraft is how my son started coding. He is now learning Java.

Ali Fauzan

Great course! Recommended :)

Rated 5 out of 5

I can see my son improve every session and love his class. He’s very fond of the things he makes.


Friendly and kind coach

Rated 5 out of 5

Ben was my daughter’s coach. He is friendly. She liked him and felt comfortable asking for answers and solutions.

Patrina Loh

Great to engage kids with learning

Rated 5 out of 5

As an educator I believe that Minecraft keeps students engaged and advocates taking ownership of their learning.

Amanda B