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Your child has finished our Full Python Coding Course and seeks more? Our Beginner Python Advanced Course is for those kids who have a basic understanding of Python’s Turtle module and know how to draw simple shapes and objects. To delve deeper into some of the most important programming concepts like strings, loops, variables, and functions, we suggest you enroll them in this course. It starts with teaching the command line, if, elif, else, while loops, and ends with functions and their use. During this course, kids have a couple of hands-on activities such as building Rock Paper Scissors and a guessing game.

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11 Lessons

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13+ Years Old




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Beginner Python Advanced Lessons (1 – 11)

Python Advanced Lesson 1:
Commad Line
• Understand what is the command line
• Know the uses of the command line
• Find out what is PIP
Python Advanced Lesson 2:
• Learn about conditionals
• Know when to use if, elif and else
• Learn about booleans
Python Advanced Lesson 3:
While Loops
• Understand the flow of a while loop
• Learn to use break
• Learn how to stop an infinite loop
Python Advanced Lesson 4:
• Learn about exceptions
• Handle unexpected errors in a program
• Handle specific errors
Python Advanced Lesson 5:
Guessing Game
• Using while loops
• Type casting data types
• Accepting user input
Python Advanced Lesson 6:
• Learn about string slicing
• Manipulate lists
Python Advanced Lesson 7:
Indexing Advanced
• Learn to find strings within strings
• Learn to open text files
• Process data according to your needs
Python Advanced Lesson 8:
Rock Paper Scissors
• Using the random module
• Creating rules for the game using if statements
Python Advanced Lesson 9:
• Learn about the concept of key-value pairs
• Manipulating dictionaries
Python Advanced Lesson 10:
Storage Facility Program
• Process user input
• Manipulate dictionaries
Python Advanced Lesson 11:
• Learn to use functions in a program
• Learn to accept arguments in a function
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Our Customer and Client Reviews:

My kid Loved this Course

Rated 5 out of 5

This is a great choice for your kids when they finish the beginner course. Loved it. Thanks.


My daughter had both of your python courses and enjoyed them a lot!

Rated 5 out of 5

My daughter had both of your python courses and enjoyed them a lot. First I want to thankyou for your great team and teachers and second I want to suggest everyone who’s reading this to buy python first and python advanced next because they’ll have more practice this way and become much readier to learn deeper concepts in python.

Noorshahila Ash.