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This Basic Scratch 3.0 Coding course for kids helps them to learn tons of interesting facts about 11 different countries in the world. Each lesson is dedicated to one country through which kids learn to code simple cartoons. Since this course is for younger learners, it is designed in a way that develops their pattern recognition skills and improves their soft skills.

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11 Lessons

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2 Months


7-12 Years Old




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Beginner Scratch 3.0 Lessons (1 – 11)

Scratch Lesson 0:
• Introduction to scratch website
• Know how to register to Scratch website
• Know how to download Scratch 3.0
• Know how to work with scratch
Scratch Lesson 1:
• Introduction to the USA
• Learn to program cat to move forward
• Learn to add sounds in the project
Scratch Lesson 2:
• Introduction to Malaysia
• Painting and Changing costume command
• Forever loop
• Uses of wait command
• Bounce command
Scratch Lesson 3:
•  Introduction to China
• Point in direction command
• Random command
• Touching command
Scratch Lesson 4:
• Introduction to Brazil
• Play sound in Scratch
• Change costume commands
• Change color effect
• Wait command
Scratch Lesson 5:
• Introduction to Australia
• When this sprite is clicked
• Go to the random position command
• Hide and show command
• Variable for point
Scratch Lesson 6:
• Introduction to Madagascar
• Pen down commands
• Erase all commands
• Set pen size commands
• Change Y command
• Repeat loop commands
Scratch Lesson 7:
• Introduction to France
• Create Clone
• Wait command
• Use Layers
Scratch Lesson 8:
• Introduction to Spain
• Animating character movements
• Rotation degree
• Glide commands
Scratch Lesson 9:
• Introduction to Japan
• Drawing patterns using 3 sprites
• Importance of X and Y position
Scratch Lesson 10:
• Introduction to Nigeria
• Program a short animation
• Say and Broadcast commands
• Managing timing
Scratch Lesson 11:
Great Britain
• Introduction to Great Britain
• Implementing sensing touch command to control characters and game’s rule
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Our Customer and Client Reviews:

Kudos to you for your brilliant teachers and courses!

Rated 5 out of 5

Kudos to you for your brilliant teachers and courses. Enrolling my son in your Scratch 3.0 was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Since I work at home I could sometimes listen to Johnathan’s instructions and the way he would guide my son during his private sessions. He was poised, kind, and ready to help but wasn’t that kind of “helicopter teacher” who won’t let the kid make mistakes. My son did his homework on time after every session not because of the fact that he had to do so but because he realy loved the lessons he received and loved his teacher so much.

Farhan CH.

My sons fully engaged in this course!

Rated 5 out of 5

My sons have recently finished your Scratch course and I see that they are fully engaged when they use this program. They create their own games and google everything new about it. Now they are looking at other courses, can customer service please get in touch with us to suggest what better to take next.

Joanne Th.

This is awesome

Rated 5 out of 5

This is awesome i learned sooooo much!!!!


Some assignments are challenging

Rated 4 out of 5

Some assignments are challenging and require some help but if you choose a guided course then there’s no problem.

Rashika Zulkifli